Futurezone Conference

Thursday 5th February 2015
Thank you once again all for a really interesting day - it's been a pleasure to work with you, and I always enjoy working with colleagues where I feel challenged and engaged, so I really got a lot out of today as well. Below I've put links to materials that I mentioned today that might help you in constructing your own shared model, as well as other links and materials that I think might be useful. If you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch.
Michael (michaeltidd@gmail.com)

My PowerPoint presentation - the overview of why levels don't work and my suggestions for moving forward with new models

Dylan Wiliam article - the excellent article that sets out sound principles for designing a model

The Key Objectives lists - the original lists of Key Objectives that I came up with - feel free to adopt/adapt/ditch as suits you.

Curriculum Overviews - the booklets we produced in school for sharing intended outcomes with parents and others.

Other Free Resources  - all my free curriculum resources from my blog, including History Cheat Sheets!

My Curriculum Guide for Parents - produced by Rising Stars and free to use on your website or to print out

Getting Started with Twitter - just to see if I can persuade one or two of you to sign up! :)

White Horse Federation Sheets - these are the sheets I showed you an example of. Please be aware that the copyright for these is owned by WHF and they are not yet published for general use, and won't be until mid-March, so I'd be grateful if you'd keep these strictly for informational use within the Futurezone group to help inform you own work - thanks.

Thursday 30th January 2014
Thank you all for both inviting me to speak with you all, and for engaging so positively with the sessions. I have attached for you below the presentations from the session, additional resources I shared, and a couple of other links I mentioned. Some of these resources are taken from the main website which you can access using the links on the left, and some of the blogs listed there might be of interest. I hope that at least some of these materials are of use to you.

Morning Session Presentation - the National Curriculum Overview,  including implications for primary and secondary schools.

Afternoon Session Presentation - 5 steps to implementing the new curriculum, including consideration of 'myths', roll-out, assessment.

Rising Stars Jigsaw Link - order free copies of the large A2 posters, which set out the statutory content.

My Adapted Curriculum Jigsaws - these version are A3, and include my suggestions for how content might be divided between upper and lower halves of each key stage.

Detailed Curriculum Changes - Powerpoint aimed at teachers or possibly governors which looks at more of the detail of what's in and out by subject.

Core Curriculum changes - the 60-page analysis of changes in the new curriculum when comparing to the frameworks, or QCA plans for Science.

Primary Computing Guide - the guide from Computing At Schools which helps to 'demystify' some of the jargon and support schools.

Rising Stars/Microsoft Computing Units - Six free units available from Rising Stars and Microsoft for the new curriculum.

The Full Primary Curriculum - the DfE's 200-page version of the National Curriculum, including aims and all the non-statutory guidance.

Dan Willingham's Book: Why Don't Students Like School? - the text I mention that provides a brilliantly accessible look at how we can use cognitive science in the classroom.

My Blog - in case you would like to read more of my ramblings about what we're doing with the curriculum.